Voices from the Blogosphere

Whenever I post something new, I invariably hear from other WordPress bloggers in the form of likes, follows or comments. In the short time I’ve been doing this, I’ve come to realize that the variety of people who are blogging is staggering. Many of the people who get in touch with me via my blog are writers themselves, many are not. What all seem to have in common – beyond being creative – is that they all have a well-defined point of view.

Here’s a sampling:

Chris Gardner is a writer who, like me, is navigating the difficulties and challenges of self-publishing. Her blog is, The Joys of Self-Publishing. Click here to read her post: Fun and Games with Amazon – again.

In the blog, weirdshortstoriesbychristian, click here to read a…well, weird short story. It’s entitled, “Wicked Workplace.”

This blog,  Any Thoughts on Anything, has a post with an intriguing title: A Secret That I Have Kept From My Family until Now.

A Norwegian rapper from Oslo writes a blog called, MesAyah: Life through the mic. He has a great post called, The reason why I write in which he talks about  the “one listener that feels something good, bad and connect to his or her emotions within the minutes reading or listening to my work. If I can write or perform something that makes the listener or reader just as free and emotional as I do while creating it, I have achieved more than I could ever dream of.”

I’m still trying to figure out a blog by Ms. Kesling, Global Martial Law Administrator. One of her posts is: I Am The GMLA. Sole Inventor Of GGO. The Only Sovereign State Worldwide. 

There’s a very cool blog called: stillness of heart: musings, criticism, history, passion. Anyone interested in Civil War history will enjoy this intimate glimpse of that time, in one woman’s voice: Kate Stone’s Civil War: A charming little woman.

For a delightful visual experience, explore the blog M.FUNK FINEART // PHOTOGRAPHY. My favorite images are his (her?) black and white cityscapes, like this one:


The title of the blog, The People I Have Slept With, is pretty self-explanatory. Read what’s behind it in the “About” post.

Book lovers will enjoy this post on Infinitefreetime: The Top 10 new(*) books I read in 2013. Here’s an excerpt: “Albion’s Seed could be used to humanely kill small animals, if you’re into that; it’s nearly a thousand pages long in paperback and something like three or four inches thick.”

Infinitefreetime also gets a nod for a terrific “About” description. It’s short but vivid: “I teach, I write, I read, I cook, I tell terrible, horrible lies. Also I have a kid and a wife who I interact with once in a while. “

Oneanna65 writes about her battle with cancer. Here’s a post about cancer and diet: Cancer killing recipe

There’s a blog called, Jodie Llewellyn: The Ramblings of an aspiring YA author. This 26-year-old Australian has written an interesting post about writing critique groups. A comment for Jodie: Stop calling yourself an aspiring author. You’re an author! Click here to check out her My Writing page.

I can’t/don’t write poetry but I admire those who can, because poetry can be powerful and evocative. It doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Glad that Robert Okaji is giving it some love in his blog, O at the edges: Musings on poetry, language, perception, numbers, food, and anything else that slips through the cracks. His post: On Context, Otherness and the Role of Poetry, includes a link to an interview with him in Middle Gray magazine.

I liked the poem, Fragility, on Bricebruceproductions (which includes writing, editing, photography and graphic design)

In Adoptingjames, a young couple chronicles their journey to becoming foster parents. Andrew has written a suspense adventure novel, The Man in the Box, that’s available on Amazon (click here).

There are more who’ve gotten in touch with me. While I can’t name all of them, I appreciate all of them. Makes me feel like I’m in fascinating company!

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